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Auto Mechanical and Electric Repairs Dubai

A car functions smoothly and flawlessly only when it is in a sound mechanical condition. The smart, alert and conscious vehicle owners take proper care of their car. Approaching the best workshop on a timely interval for repair and maintenance is a necessity. If you are searching for an auto electric repair Dubai service, Star Square Deal Motors is a suitable option. Today, it has become easy to trace the faults with the help of computer diagnosis. Our technicians meticulously scan every section of your vehicle to trace any undetected issue. In a transparent manner, we share all the issues present in the car.

With over 15 years of experience in repairing, servicing and maintaining vehicles in the UAE, we can undertake any major or minor mechanical & electrical repairs on your car. Specializing in 4×4, European, American and Japanese vehicles, our mechanics are certified and well-experienced, many with dealership experience. Furthermore, we strictly follow manufacturer specifications when it comes to servicing and carrying out repairs. Armed with the latest Computer Diagnostic and Scanning Tools, we can troubleshoot even the hardest issues on your car. For auto mechanical repairs Dubai service, look no further than us.

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