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The team of Square Deal Motors is very good. Yes, they have friendly and professional technicians. The technicians had shared all the options regarding the whole process. I was very satisfied.

Ahmed Khan

Yes,it is one of the best car workshops in Dubai. The technicians were very professional and well versed in their work. I strongly recommend this workshop. Great job guys.


I noticed that the staff of Square Deal Motors is very friendly, honest and patient. My work was done in the finest manner. The quality of service is very good. I will keep returning to this workshop in the future.

Michael Johnson

The technicians quickly identified the problem and provided me with excellent service. I was happy and surprised to see the cooperative behavior of the technicians. Superb! I will definitely recommend Square Deal Motors to everyone.

May Yaeng

The service of Square Deal Motors is simply amazing. The technicians are well-versed in their work. Very few workshops appoint such talented and capable technicians. The price was affordable.

Yaseen Khan

A highly experienced team can look into the technical aspects. I was surprised to see the commitment of the technicians. They provided a complete solution for my problem. It was an amazing experience to avail their service.

Yusuf khan

The service was really very satisfactory, in fact, very amazing. Square Deal Motors complete their work with near perfection. I will recommend their name to others. Superb and reliable service.

Jerry John

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