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Common Technical Problems that Affect Performance of the Car


A car is a sophisticated machine that makes life very easy and comfortable. Every vehicle requires proper maintenance or else it is likely to face some technical issues such as sudden breakdown. Even the most modern and expensive cars require timely maintenance. If your car is not functioning smoothly, it is the time to head towards “car repair shops Dubai. Do not take risks and approach prestigious workshops like Star Square Deal Motors. Let us discuss some common car problems that the users face:

● Difficulty in controlling the car – This situation can be a nightmare for a novice driver. If the driver is unable to control the car, then there is a possibility that something is wrong with the wheel alignment. Hence, the driver is often forced to put some extra effort into keeping the car in a straight direction. Take your car to a prestigious workshop to check the condition of the wheels and the suspension system.

● Engine overheating – Of course, the engine of the car will produce some heat, and it is very normal, but overheating is a warning sign. This clearly means that your car’s cooling system is not functioning normally. Components like the car radiator must function flawlessly. During a normal vehicle inspection, the mechanics address the problem of engine overheating. They keep the coolant level to the mark.

● Problem of AC cooling – In countries like the United Arab Emirates, the temperature is usually very high. You cannot conveniently use the car until and unless the air-conditioning system is functioning in a normal way. The leakage of gas, broken compressors can also trigger problems. Ask specialised technicians to fix such issues.

● Discharged battery – A discharged battery is a very common car problem. When the car is unused for a long duration of time, the capacity of the battery starts fading. Just watch how your car battery is functioning. If the battery is rapidly discharging, consider replacement. Check the condition of the internal wiring. Consult experts to learn more about auto electric repair in Dubai.

● Poor mileage of the car – According to the experts, the factor of aggressive driving is one of the major reasons behind poor mileage of the car. However, if your car is giving poor mileage despite responsible driving, then this clearly indicates a major problem. There can be some problem with fuel injectors, air filters, spark plugs, etc. Take your car to the best workshop to improve its efficiency.

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