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It is all about the maintenance of your Car paint to last long


Nobody is going to deny the idea if he comes across that is will double the age of the pain of his dear car. Before we go any further in discussion we should know that the smarter vehicles do have the four layers of paint which starts from electric coat or e-coat, primer coat, base coat and clear coat. These all layers are laid with the help of four different processes by the car paint shop Dubai.

There is a bare metal which is actually that receives the pre-treatment coating in most places. The reason is simple that modern cars do not rust like as they had been corroded. Generally the old model were corroded because they did not have any thing which is called pre-treatment.

The layers of car paint

The very first layer of the car paint that a metal body receives is electric coat and this is to keep the metal under it away from corroding. This coat is normally zinc based that keeps the electrolysis out and away the bare metal from having problems with the corrosion so they do not come apart from oxidation.

This first coating is measured in micron which also known as micro meter which is an SI derived unit and it is one millionth or 1/106of a meter. It can also be said as one thousandth of a millimetre and this electric coating is seventeen to twenty two microns thick.

So the above this electric coat the next layer is the primer paint then on the top of this is the base coat which is the colour actually that you see. Surprisingly this is the thinnest coat which is of just ten to twenty microns. Then the top most is the clear coat which is thirty to fifty microns and it is the thickest coat of all. So this colour is responsible for the shining of your car.

So the clear coat withstands against the ultra violet rays of the sun, poops of the birds, extreme weather condition that deposits dust or water etc. So the thing which is not good for the car paint is the bird poop because it gets dried up under the sun and sits for the long on the clear coat to penetrate through it.

Some DIY maintenance

So need to understand that whatever you will apply on the body of your car from market to preserve the car paint is going to cost you many times less than the car paint repair in Dubai.

To clean such things deposited on the clear coat there are some good gels found in the market that are needed to be applied on the clear coat. This treatment should not be done under the sun when the car is red hot. There is another good Idea to wax the car four times in one year. The polish in the market can also be applied four times in a year

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