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Types Auto Bodywork


Most people believe that auto bodywork is done only after an accident or collision. However, cars frequently take minor damages during storms, freak accidents, their course of life, or take damage during parking. Before visiting the auto body workshop, you must understand the nature of services and the jobs they perform to get a better and hassle-free experience. Moreover, understanding the basics will help you discuss the issue and problems you have with your vehicle and communicate those issues to get quick troubleshooting and desired solutions.

Auto bodywork is repair work related to your vehicle body. Auto body repair shop does not repair the engine, breaks, and other mechanical parts of your vehicle. Nor it has to do anything to do with electronics or other electrical components of your car. Some professional mechanics specialize in repairing mechanical parts of your vehicle. There is an expert for every job, and it is good to get your job done by trained and experienced staff.

The auto bodywork is concerned with the aesthetic looks and appearance of your car. They also repair the damage caused to the chassis, frame, or body of the vehicle, be it a minor scratch on the paint, deformation in the car frame, broken windscreen, or a dent in the body resulting from an accident. Square deal Motors performs auto body repair service of all kinds, like car paint, dent removal to offering auto mechanical repairs Dubai service.

Types of Auto Body Repair

The below-stated details of common types of auto body repair work carried in the workshop are.

Collision Repair

Square deal Motors is an experienced and expert car dent remover Dubai. The collision of the cars could be very mild to severe, depending on the circumstances of the accident. The extent of the damage determines if a part of the vehicle is needed to dismantle and repaired; the dismantling is necessary to detect any hidden structural damages. Replacement parts are installed in the car to restore it completely. The paint job polishing and finishing are performed as the last step to finish the job.

Bumper Repair

Most of the time, the bumper takes the hit and gets maximum damage saving the car body. Repairing the bumper is a relatively easy job as compared to collision repair. The bumper can easily be reshaped and painted to fit in its proper place.

Glass & Window Repair

Windshields can get cracked by minor collisions or sudden impact with a moving object. These cracks are easily repairable; by injecting powerful adhesive into the cracked windshield. In the event of shatter, the whole windscreen or door glass needs replacement.

Paint Job

Paint jobs give your damaged cars a new look and appeal. Paint jobs offer a great variety of choices for customizing the look of your vehicle to your taste and project your personality. It is a basic and the most requested service for any car paint shop Dubai.

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